About Prana

by katrin klink 2004

There is an energy field that is constantly Generating, Organizing and Destroying Life.
Prana is an ancient word that realizes this energy field.
It’s an intellectual symbol of an experiential or existential force.
Western language might use “God” as its equivalent.
However, this term, to date, has less scientific underpinnings
and covers the canvas with a brush that confuses the intellectual/rational mind.

This energy field is now quantifiable.
All that appears solid in our minds is vibrating at a frequency of arising and passing away.
This discovery has been made throughout the eons of time.
Most life forms realize this naturally and instinctively/habitually.
Human life forms have fallen away from this realization, have pointed towards it with their religions,
and are now revealing it with their sciences.

The first scientific discovery of this impermanent energy field of vibrational frequency
was discovered and documented in great detail around 2600 years ago.
It was realized by anchoring/focusing the mind on one object, the breath.

This technique realizes, through observation, that all life forms seek happiness and avoid suffering.
Suffering arises when a life form attaches to what is impermanent.
Happiness arises when a life form can observe what is impermanent, enjoy what is impermanent,
and respect what is impermanent without attachment which manifests as craving and fear.

The realization of this dance of vibrational frequencies and allowing them to flow through you,
instead of attaching to them, liberates the mind and body of the individual.
This brings great peace to ones self.

Prana can be better understood as the breath of God or the breath of Life.
And breath is something we can all relate to.

How can there be peace and harmony in the world,
If there is not peace and harmony in me?
Thus begins the inner journey…

Each day begins as it ends.
Sitting quietly observing breath.

Observing the mind body, our first tool.
Observing the breath, our first intentional thread.
The mind and breath are what connects us to everything else.
The body is the vehicle that gets us there.

Ancients say God,
Scientists say Cod,

(creation, organization, destruction)
the infinite field of potentiality

essentially the same thing,
only differently

The former use labels to point beyond the labels.
The latter use labels to further reduce them to more labels of isms and ists where the intellectual left brain
continues to deconstruct and dissect its way to a world of built fences and drawn lines that tend to further oneself from the nature one is trying to understand.

Science is a means to an end, not an end in and of itself.
It is a basic tool, if not lost in reductionist and nihilist tail chasing, can be the most powerful tool to help point to what powers lay beyond the intellectual mind.

The intellectual mind ends at a bridge which is the breath.

The mind (left and right brain convergence) and breath will tell you how healthy you are.
In relation to everything else.
In body and spirit.


the bridge between mind and body
by simply observing the breath via the nostrils
one eventually realizes the simplicity and beauty of Life
one realizes a deep calm floating beneath the chatter of the daily mind
an existence that precedes all essences of who we think we are

we are not who we think we are
we are not our thoughts

our thoughts intersect our mind and our breath
if we cannot control these thoughts, they dissect
to control them is to let go of them
observe them
don’t own them or identify with them
don’t let them own you or identify with you

we attach to our thoughts
with the hope of identifying or defining an image
of a world and our relationship to it
thus begins our separation from this world

if we can stay with the breath and not attach the mind to any thoughts
to any labels we have given ourselves and the world
we discover a vast ocean of silence and peace
to just become aware of this space and not label it
is the awakening of our awareness
it is the first step on a beautiful journey of uniting once again
with the natural law, the god-head, the infinite field

beginning to know the true self
without labels of separation
observing the labels as merely guides, maps, road signs and street lamps
shedding light on the destination

does the body have a soul?
does the soul have a body?

On the surface

am a human, man, maturing adult, husband, father, servant, yogi,
wood-worker, timber framer, sawyer, eco-forester, natural builder, farmer

these are labels given by me or society
these are the roles i play

Beneath the surface
words and labels cannot define
but only point to what is present
a vastness, a void, a vibration
a body and a mind
a spirit


an endless cycle
of birth and death
what is my purpose?
to respect this cycle
not fear or abuse it
understand it
honor it

Coming back to my surface labels
I am obligated to better understand this body, mind, and spirit
This energy that animates me
and connects
me to you

We are interconnected
We interdepend on one another
In this sense we are

What i do to you and this earth
I do to myself

Shelter, food, sustained health and longevity are my perceived needs.
This makes me a forester, a logger, a builder, a farmer, and a practitioner and student of a healing art.
My duty is to learn each of these skills and ensure that they work in harmony with the natural laws of the cycle of life and death.
How to restore our damaged forests and encourage them back into their natural cycle of old growth.
How to harvest and how to build with the wood that can come from this natural cycle.
How to grow food from the forest and meadow while adding to the top-soil.
How to learn what is the very minimum i need to be truly happy.
How to do this and maintain a strong and flexible
body, mind, and spirit.

Seeks pleasure and avoids pain
If mind attaches to a craving of pleasure or an aversion to pain
There will be suffering and misery in the mind and then in the body
If the mind is like a lake, then the waves and ripples are like the thoughts
By reducing these waves to ripples, then reducing these ripples to stillness
All becomes clear and one can finally see to the depths of the mind
One can recognize ones suffering and misery and not attach
The unconscious self becomes conscious
Negative thought patterns of desire, fear and anger weaken
We become awakened to the present moment
The present moment brings us into contact with others
We are now not attached to our cravings or aversions of pleasure or pain
We can now truly hear the other person and serve them
Serve society, Serve humanity and other beings

What connects us to the Universe, the One-ness of all
The animation and energy of the Body and the Mind together
If one is conscious in Body and in Mind,
then one will be conscious of their spirit
If one desires to merely seek pleasure and avoid pain, then…
One will continue to seek pleasure and avoid pain.
One’s service is lost to self indulgence.
This is our greatest challenge as a species.
We are a large mass of beings that are self indulged.
Chasing desire and fleeing from aversion.

Thus far I have had glimpses at perfection, one-ness, harmony and peace.
They are fleeting but become longer in duration the more i practice
Sitting quietly each morning and evening.
Observing the breath.
Strengthening my connection to the vast ocean of stillness
that supports my mind.
Becomes my mind.
It is what some call God and others call the infinite field of potentiality.

If you are interested in learning any of these skills,
I am willing to share what i have learned if it will help you achieve more peace, harmony, and patience in the development of your conscious self.
You can contact me for further information on work exchange and upcoming workshops.
May peace, harmony and consciousness of ego and self come to all.

2 comments on “About Prana
  1. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is fantastic blog. A great read. I’ll certainly be back.

  2. vikash says:

    I am an Indian, one of the decedent of maharishi kashyapa and a suryavanshi. I am greatly astonished to learn that a modern eastern man believed in this great ancient knowledge and at the same time had the guts to share his thoughts and knowledge. I too study vedas and feel the their is a deep connection between ancient science and modern physics, I have found infinite number of similarities. I really feel sad that my people are giving away their knowledge which was achived by maharishis(scientists). I wish one day people will realize that what our ancestors knew, we ignored it for so long and eventually learned the same thing in our own terms.

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