Being Responsible for my Health

To build a home one must be healthy. To handle stress one must be healthy. To do anything that requires strength, skill and endurance one must be healthy. If one is healthy, then one is at ‘ease’. If one is not healthy, then one is entering the many stages of ‘dis-ease’. There is health and then there is optimum health. Like the German zimmerman’s like to say “There are sharp tools, and then there are very sharp tools, we only use very sharp tools.” I like to use very sharp tools and stay in optimum health.

As I cross the threshold of middle-age I notice my body taking longer to heal and respond to rest. Responsibility means the ability to respond. One can either respond to a situation or react. To respond means to consciously take a moment to think/reflect before making a decision. To react means to immediately choose a line of progression without taking much, if any, thought about the situation; much like a reflex. Many people react to health issues by trusting in an allopathic doctor. Doctors that are experts of dis-ease but not necessarily of health. I see here a conflict of my interest, one of putting the cart before the horse. Due to this conflict of interest I have chosen to respond to my health issues personally.

I am thankful that I learned how to research while at University. I have had epiphanic success with my health by following simple rules, they are non-invasive so there is no harm in trying them, they work for me, they may work for you. I am sharing this information because I feel that much, if not all, of our health concerns can be treated by simple means if a few simple guidelines are followed. I also feel that the current medical system has lost sight of the pursuit of health and this unnecessarily harms, even kills, those who blindly trust in this system.

Guidelines to Maintain Personal Health (print and tape inside kitchen cupboard or somewhere you will see it daily)

By observing my self daily through meditation or contemplation I will bring awareness and consciousness to my current state of being: “Am I at ease mentally, physically, spiritually? Is there any dis-ease?”

Spend 5 to 30 minutes daily in a relaxed position and focus mind and breath inwards. Sit comfortably on the edge of a chair with spine erect, shoulders and arms relaxed, or sit comfortably on a cushion on the floor with legs crossed. At the very least breath 3 times slowly and deeply through the nostrils. Observe the mind and the breath. Attach no judgement to any thoughts or emotions. Simply observe and relax. This simple exercise is very powerful. Remember, even one conscious breath is a meditation.

1.1 It helps calm the mind and prioritize thoughts. Thoughts out of constant control eventually lead the mind to stress and the body to eventual dis-ease.

1.2 It helps relax the body and realize where the body is tense. Continuous tension in parts of the body (back, neck, stomach, brain…) eventually manifest as some form of dis-ease. Realization of tension allows me to make necessary adjustments in posture, attitude, diet etc.).

1.3 It helps rejuvenate the spirit and focus these energies to move the body and mind towards set goals. Whether one calls this spirit, matrix or energy, there can be no doubt it either flows with ease or dis-ease in a positive or negative manner.

See disease as dis-ease. If recognized early enough, it simply means the body is not at ease and needs simple adjustment. If ignored, constant chronic dis-ease will transform to an acute form of dis-ease that will require major adjustment. The best way I’ve found to recognize dis-ease is by observation (see 1.0).

Breath deeply and calmly throughout the day. Anxiety, frustration, fear and anger only arise when the breath is too short, not relaxed, ignored or unfocussed.

Maximize circulation. Breath is circulation. Flexibility allows maximum circulation. Stretch, breath deeply and relaxed, keep a positive mental attitude…

Drink plenty of water.

Eat a diet low in high-glycemic carbohydrates. Eat a diet low in mucus forming foods (wheat, meat, and dairy).t

“I contend that all disease, regardless of its “scientific” name, or the symptoms accomanying it – consists of constitutional encumbrance of waste material known as “foreign matter.” Nature continually attempts to eliminate this disease producing waste encumbrance and to stop the source of it. My method of restoration performs exactly the same in the human body as intstinctive self-healing does in the animal kingdom. The disease producing material is partially digested, decaying, semi-liquid generally known as ‘mucus.’ Everyone living on todays, accepted mixed diet consisting of starchy vegetable, grains and meat is more or less clogged up with ‘mucus’, – whether sick or not.” Arnold Ehret ‘Rational Fasting’


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