What is Yoga?

Basically, yoga is 1+1=2

Yoga means to yolk or to join

I have a body, plus I have a mind, but what does this equal?

When i add or join the two together, i no longer have just a body or just a mind, 1 + 1 is 1 no longer, it becomes something else…with regards to mathematical formulae 1 becomes 2…with regards to the material plane of existence and all essences body and mind becomes animated spirit, soul or a vibrational field of infinite potentiality…

Yoga helps me to understand this equation greatly…it has reduced my disease of asthma by 90% thus far and allowed me to continue in a field of heavy labor after injury from sports and work…

One way it does this is by increasing the flexibility of my joints and relieving the forces of gravity on my organs with certain poses/postures/asanas…these poses maximize circulation of fresh blood which, in turn, maximizes the bodies innate ability to heal itself…couple these poses with prana-yama (deep abdominal breathing exercises) and you have a dynamic of super-oxygenated blood circulating throughout the body with maximum healing effect…

a beautiful side effect of all of this has been the spiritual growth i have experienced…for the scientific person who doesn’t like the word spirit, but understands the laws of physics,  we can call it the vibrational field of infinite potentiality…my heart has opened, my compassion has increased, my love for all existence has sometimes brought me to tears of joy…in short, i am very very thankful of my being introduced to the power of yoga…namaste


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