Negative Ions are essentially positive

Why do we not heal and in stead choose to spiral out of control with drug after drug. We may live longer but are these extended years of any significant amount of quality? With my family history anyways the answer is no.

After leaving the drug circuit and taking my health into my own hands at the age of 23  i have healed from my chronic diseases of asthma and serious allergies (i am now 41). I won’t get into the details here. I am working on a larger publication of my journey. For now i want to focus on oxygen and negative ions.

I have learned that i grew up without proper breathing technique. I breathed with my chest and not my diaphragm and abdomen. To make a long interesting story short, if you breath only within your chest cavity your diaphragm moves 1-3 cm and you take in 1-3 tbsp of oxygen and pump your lymphatic system and liver to 1/10th to 3/10ths of its ability.

If you start to engage your ribs with your inhale your diaphragm moves 4-6 cm and your body takes in up to a pint of oxygen and pumps your lymphatic system and liver 4/10ths to 6/10ths of its ability.

If you make a full abdominal breath your diaphragm moves 10cm, you take in one quart of oxygen and you fully pump your lymphatic system and liver.

What a profound difference in healing ability. The yogic system of pranayam teaches this technique and it all but cured me of my asthma and allergies (diet was the other missing link). Not to mention my brain got the oxygen it needed to really start understanding and dealing with the complexities of this crazy world.

So the above little story illustrates that i was ignorant as to how to breath (and eat) properly. Maximizing oxygen intake was a huge first step in healing myself. Enter negative ions. I will quote one of my favorite healers Dr. Jonn Matsen from Vancouver (his books are critical references for anyone wanting to heal with nutrition as a foundation). He helped me understand my acid reflux and made it disappear in 3 days. Here is an article that sums up his method for healing this:

“Fresh air contains small amounts of positive and negative ions that are crucial to our utilization of oxygen, and that affect various hormones, such as serotonin.

There are ebbs and flows of ion levels, with the daily rising and setting of the sun and the monthly movements of weather fronts and winds, and the presence of water and plants.

Geographical areas that have naturally high levels of negative ions – such as mountains, waterfalls, and the seashore – are places that people like to go to rest and recover from stress. A decrease in negative ions and an increase in positive ions has profound ill effects on many people. Areas with drying winds are known to be unpleasant because of the lack of negative ions and the increase of positive ions.

Much of the man-made air in sealed buildings, cars,  airplanes, and cruise ships is stripped of negative ions, due to the metal ducting of the air conditioning and heating systems. This can increase physical, mental, and emotional stress to the occupants, and can increase susceptibility to infections.

Numerous studies with negative ion generators have shown that people function better with an excess of negative ions. Mental function is sharper; people are more amiable, and are physically much more resistant to illness.

Russian studies have shown that the stamina, quickness, and mental sharpness of athletes increased when training while exposed to negative ions from negative ion generators.


1. Go for regular walks or runs outdoors in the fresh air – especially along creeks, rivers, beaches, waterfalls, and in high altitudes with natural vegetation. You will get your greatest exposure to negative ions in these areas.

2. If you are regularly confined in an enclose artificial atmosphere – such as a home, office, car, airplane, cruise ship, bus – try putting a negative ion generator in that area. Or you can buy a much cheaper portable negative ion generator that you can wear on your clothing, near your face. See (it’s a military supply website) or call 604.408.3600

” end quote. From ‘Eating Alive II’, Dr. Jonn Matsen

3. I would also ad, build a natural home with minimal industrial materials (avoid cement, vinyl, metal ducting, synthetic carpets, paints and cabinets). All these industrial components can be replaced with clay, earth, stone, wood, and straw or other plants like hemp. Clay has the highest negative ion charge of all building materials.

Blessings to all beings!


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