Rights of Passage for children (and adults)


Our rights of passage have been reduced to drivers license, high school grad, and drinking age.

I am compiling a list of requirements i’d like my children to achieve before they leave our nest.

Please contribute any other rights of passage that may help our children adjust to the paradigm shift and end of egoic era.

  1. learn to meditate or sit quietly each and every day, observe breath and mental chatter without judgement or distraction
  2. learn to juggle 2 balls, then 3 or more
  3. learn to play footbag
  4. learn a healing art like qi gong or yoga
  5. build us something out of wood that is practical and useful
  6. grow us something from the garden and prepare a meal for us
  7. play us a song/concert with a musical instrument or your voice
  8. dance with us
  9. play a sport with us and not be concerned who wins or loses
  10. understand the golden ratio and fibonacci sequence
  11. if you eat meat, you need to know how to kill an animal and prepare it for food
  12. if you eat dairy, you need to know how to feed and milk an animal and how to prepare cheese and yogurt

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