Inter-dependence (shedding ego)

i am in the midst of raising three children
being and example for them
healing my self
learning how to communicate
with my partner Kamal, our children and all my relations

when a child is born
and for several years into child-hood
the child thinks or senses that he/she/it is everything
i say ‘it’ because even though the child has certain sexual organs
the child has yet to identify with the organs

when it wants milk
it screams when it is not immediately fed milk
it expects everything to be instant as there is no separation
there is no sense of self and other

when the child starts to experience the world with its sense tools
in all appearances there becomes a distinction
between itself and its mother
a sense of self
starts to develop
it starts identify with its given name
a framework of identity starts to form
the child starts to think of him/her self as this framework

independent from all other frameworks

the right of passage from childhood to adulthood
is the realization that this intellectual framework
is a construct of a mind
a reflection of reality
not reality itself
but a series of signs that make up a map
an overlay of labels to help navigate the world of form

this plastic skeleton overlays a deeper reality
which is not separate from one another
a law and order of cause and effect
the ego hates this
change means surrender
to sacrifice means to make whole
a security blanket the inner child does not wish to give up

the pendulum must swing
it is a law of physics


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