The Disease of Descartes 1.0

The Dis-Ease of Descartes 1.0

“I think, Therefore I am.”
Two i’s
One thinking. One being.

hinged to thinking.

Without thinking, there is not being.

The beginning of separation of the self.
The rise of duality of all things.
The schizophrenic nightmare.
The end of union.

The Healing of the Whole
We are all in this together
Human being is human being
Everyone wants to be happy
No one wants to suffer

“Existence precedes essence.”
the existentialists trying to make sense of this blunder
to evolve Descartes
“We are, therefore we think.”
or if you think you are still separate from this evolving creation
“I am, therefore i think.”

before any thinking, there is something
a vibration, an energy that gives life to all creation
it is evolving
forever changing
as all Buddhas say….anicca….this too shall pass

there are laws to this beautiful bursting and flow of energies
some call these laws God
some call these laws Science
some call them both

if there is to be a mechanical understanding of this great creation
it would be that all is forever changing
there is a cause and there is an effect
there is chaos and there is order

but don’t mistake this mechanical understanding for what it is trying to understand
use thought to help you define it
but remember to leave thought behind after thought has pointed to it
you cannot stop a fractal from expanding and contracting
the seed of all suffering is here

this life can only be truly experienced without thought
observed and felt
this feeling also impresses on the mind and this gives rise to thought
become aware of this moment when feeling gives rise to thought
and you shall begin to know thyself as all masters suggest you ought
(aside: observing the breath will help you and forever be your anchor)

in this sense Descartes may have intended his famous epiphany
however, to put thought before existence has become a tragic mistake

thought is but a logos
a label
an essence we give to a part of creation
to help us understand it
a gift of the right hemisphere of the brain
like a map helps us understand where to go
a label helps us understand what is essential to this life
it is a system…a tool
some are lost in this system
thinking the system is all there is (pun intended)
lost is thought


to mistake this logos…this logical system….this beautiful and powerful tool for what actually is
is the Dis-Ease of Descarte
it separates us from reality, from the ever changing and evolving creation
it is to mistake the baby for the bathwater

to think your way through life is to be trapped in the left hemisphere of mind
the right hemisphere of mind is our conection to creation
to create things that have no funcitonality or respect for this great life
is to be trapped in the right hemisphere
without using the left hemisphere as a guide

to live in both hemispheres is the key and goal of all humans carrying around this great tool
to yolk body and mind with breath is the goal of yoga
to combine breath, movement and intention as the flow of water is the goal of qi gong
when you cross your heart and mind with your hands in prayer your intention is to do the same
the crucifix crosses the heart and connects the mind
science should do also
start looking for what connects us and what we have in common
and stop looking at what opposes us and divides us
separates us
and you will start healing from the dis-ease of Descartes

an exercise to share with children and adults alike

this exercise is encouraged by Rudolf Steiner in Waldorf education systems

if children are taught from an early age that two comes from two individual things/objects
they will develop a dualistic mindset separate from the world

if children are taught from an early age that two comes from one thing/object
they will develop a monistic mindset in unity with the world

to do this:

present an apple to the child/children
ask them how many apples do they see?
“one!” is the emphatic answer
cut the apple in half and ask the same question
“two!” is the emphatic answer
and so on

the child/children will see and learn that two comes from one
encouraging a monistic/holistic mindset
that we all come from one creative evolutionary source


Blessings to all


I am a timber framer and natural builder that specializes in ecologically sensitive logging practice; on-site custom milling; passive solar and healthy house design with a focus on feng shui, vaastu, Japanese and European style. For the past six years I have trained and worked with some of the best in these fields and consider myself a journeyman apprentice towards mastering these skills. It is said that it takes a person around 10 years to master any skill if dedicated and disciplined. Thus far I have had glimpses at perfection and what beauty can be achieved with wood if properly respected. Whether you choose me or another to help you in the design and building process, here are some guidelines I have come to find helpful in achieving a strong and beautiful frame for your home. With a good hat and shoes (roof and foundation) a timber frame can last 100s of years. In some of the most earthquake prone parts of the world there are timber frames over 1000 years old! A good portion of europe has timber frames 600 years old. Our houses today last 50-70 years on average. This entropic state of industry has us retooling and evolving our skills to provide a more sustainable and aesthetically beautiful solution...

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