The Ego Challenge

Ever wondered what ego is?

Sit quietly and comfortably
with your spine straight, shoulders relaxed and eyes closed.
Do this for as many minutes as you are years old.

Observe your breath
as it enters and exits the nostrils.
During this time your mind will do one of two things:
react or respond.

Reactions are emotions
Emotional expressions of feelings and sensations
the mind and body feel and sense
subjective energies/vibrations
This is ego

Emotions are positive and negative judgments of the world
since childhood we have attached to both emotions
with either craving or aversion.

Responses are feelings
without judgment or attachment
objective energies/vibrations

The body and mind have sensed a stimulus
There is an awareness of the mind to not attach or judge
with the data base of emotions that have come from past experiences
This moment is innocent of all past judgements and deserves an objective response
This is displayed by Christ asking us to ‘turn the other cheek…know thyself’
Eckhart Tolle asking us to ‘say yes to the present moment’
the Buddha asking us to observe the ’empty bowl’
Nietzsche asking us to ‘recreate ourselves
with the super-man’
etc. etc.

This is the essence of patience
Can we respond to the present moment and not react?

is a great practice to exercise this muscle of patience
observe how many times it wants to react to the present moment
Sit and observe the monkey mind

The longer you sit
the better you become at not reacting to your world
the more aware you become

When you open your eyes
and give thanks for the peacefulness you have discovered within,
you will go into each day less likely to react and more likely to respond
this is the great awakening

Blessings to all beings!


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