Healthy People

I want to do everything to the best of my ability. I want to reach my potential in everything that i do. This is the optimum. This is why I am here, to help myself and others do the same. How can this be achieved without optimum health?

Optimum health should be in the mission statement of every person, family, community and culture.

Modern health care is not health care, but medical intervention. Medical intervention can dull or kill pain, it can scrape me off the ground if i’m hit by a bus and set me straight again (relatively). However, at this point of trauma, we are beyond the points of optimum health. This is a little late in the ball game so to speak. However, don’t ever let  someone tell you that it’s too late. Some people without pulses have miraculous come backs.

Health care should begin at an earlier point. Health care begins with taking care of the self personally, within the family and within the community. This starting point is to focus on how we treat our bodies, our minds and our spirits within our personal day, our family day and our social day. This will get to the core of optimum health. Body, mind and spirit here we come!


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