The bacteria fungi connection to healthy forests

I am part of a discussion group on Fukuoka style farming (natural no-till). I have inserted a part of a great discussion on mulch and fertility with regards to farming/gardening. It shows the need for fertility in the forest is based on bacteria and fungi. This need is dried up after clear cuts allow excessive sunlight on the forest floor. There is much evidence in this that i will not go into at the moment. I did find it interesting (sadly) that my sister in-laws fiance’ new line of work as a helicopter pilot is to fly crews around the province to spray fertilizer on what once were our forests, and are now fledgling tree farms planted by tree planters. Anyways, i have posted this to further shed filtered light 🙂 on the reason to shift from clear-cut trees to local community or woodlot harvested tress that use selection logging methods.

“the nitrogen fertility of forest soils is usually built up during the
early successional phase of the forest.. that is in the meadow and
shrub stage.. there are many meadow and shrubs that fix nitrogen and
very few trees that do so.. typically the nitrogen is maxed as a young
forest and slowly declines as some is washed out…
it is the bacteria and fungi’s ability to hold onto the nitrogen so
well that enables the forest to be so productive without fertilizer
when you cut down a forest you do away with their food supply and the
bateria and fungi die, and the nutrients get leached.”


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