A Poem of Transition

If there is no I

there is no me

if there is no me

there is no ego

if there is no ego

there is no desire

if there is no desire

what is there?

what remains of ‘me’?

there is no suffering

there is dhamma or the natural law

the god-head or infinite field of potentiality weaving the tapestry of life

there is no attachment to this warp and weft, this spinning wheel

there is infinite Love and Compassion

there is service

there is the breath going in

and the breath going out

and my constant awareness of this breath

going in

going out

there is a smile

it was mine

it still is

and now it’s ours to share

i become a humble servant

what does this life want from ‘me’?

it is no longer what do ‘I’ want from this life?

this is peace

this is harmony

this is unity


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