Curriculum Vitae

Full Name:  Michael Bernd Hollihn

Born: 1970, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


  • College of the Rockies, Kimberley, B.C., Canada, 2003 (Instructor: Higgs Murphy)

    • Timber Frame Production and Compound Joinery
  • Ecoforestry Institute, Affiliate of Portland State University and University of Victoria, 1996 (Instructors: Dennis Martinez, Herb Hammond, Merv Wilkinson etc.)

    • Ecosystem Mapping and Selection Logging
  • University of Victoria Faculty of Philosophy 1993-1996

    • Philosophy of Technology (Food Security and Top-Soil Erosion), Eastern Philosophy, Existential Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Logic
  • Okanagan College 1991-1993
    • Logic, English, and Creative Writing

Highest Qualifications:

  • Timber Framing/Carpentry (Member of Timber Framers Guild

    • 14th year journeyman timber framer/carpenter
    • tree selection/forest management (uneven stand management, encourage old growth and natural diversity)
    • tree falling (chain saw, hand saw, axe)
    • tree sawing/hewing (portable band saw mill, beginner hand hewer)
    • timber drying/curing (Makoto Imai system)
    • structural/frame/infill design (European and Japanese vernacular)(passive solar design, natural building materials: wood, clay, straw, hemp, earth, stone, lime…)
      • experience with light-clay, straw-bale and dovetail log infill systems
    • timber grading (strength, beauty and grace)
    • timber layout (square-rule and  beginner at scribe rule)
    • timber cutting (power saws and Japanese hand saws (nokogiri)
    • timber finishing (power planes/sanders and western hand planes and Japanese hand planes (kanna)(good understanding of natural oil finishes and milk paint)
    • frame raising (Safety using cranes, gin poles, tripods, and good old-fashioned hand raising)
    • heating/cooling systems (net-zero, closed loop, passive solar design, masonry heaters/thermal mass)
    • grey water re-use systems
    • design: sustainability, local resources, Pattern Language, passive-solar; Colonial vernacular simplicity; Japanese style; drawing from Feng Shui, Vastu, Bau Biologie and Medicine Wheel with awareness of modern appropriate technologies, merging building with food-forest multi-zone systems (Permaculture and Biodynamics as an influence), carbon sink models of design

      • Trained in AutoCAD 2d and CADworks and proficient but shifted to Google Sketchup several years ago and now use it exclusively in my communications with client and engineers.
  • Food Security
    • Organic forest farmer and wildcrafter

      • forest farming systems (Permaculture, Biodynamic, organic, wu wei)
      • topsoil protection systems (cover crops, orchards, mulch…)
      • carbon sink design models
      • natural fertilizers (biodynamic, manure, green-manure, teas)
      • heugel beds and swales
      • composting with worms
      • chicken “tractors”
      • mushrooms
      • wildcrafting with respect
  • Healing Arts (integration of mind, body and spiritual healing practices)
    • Meditation
      • maximizing the science of mindfulness, patience, focus and creativity
    • Yoga and Qi Gong
      • abdominal breathing (pranayam)
      • flexibility and strength (asana)

Career Objectives:

  • Learning, teaching, and promoting systems theory and change via natural building science, regenerative old-growth forestry and food growing methods (especially to youth or those wanting a career change).
  • Learning, teaching, and promoting healing arts for mind, body and spirit (yoga, qi gong, meditation…).
  • Being a mentor for children and serving others.

Other Skills:

  • Operate big machinery (sawmills, loaders, zoom-boom, skid-steer etc.)

    • Have all certifications up to date
  • Level 1 Industrial First Aid
  • School bus driver (air brakes)
  • Computers (MS Office, Google Drive, WordPress, Slack, Survey Monkey, Loomio etc.)
  • Herbal healing and medicine.
  • Juggling and footbag/hacky sack (great for teaching children and adults brain-gym/symbiosis)

Personal Skills

  • self motivated
  • team orientated
  • focused and centered
  • patient and conscious
  • flexible
  • ability to see the big picture (holistic and lateral thinking)

Personal Interest

  • personal growth
  • healthy body, mind and spirit
  • right thoughts, right food, right movement
  • medicine wheel and indigenous knowledge (especially traditional ecological knowledge)
  • meditation, yoga, tai chi and qi gong
  • ofuro, shoji
  • Japanese culture, Zen


  • Merv Wilkinson, Herb Hammond, Higgs Murphy, Toshio Odate, Makoto Imai, James Weister, Mike Laine, Jay Van Arsdale, Robert Laporte, Steve Lawrence,  Masanobu Fukuoka, Bill Mollison, Sepp Holzer, Nancy Turner, Juliette de Bairacli Levy, S.N. Goenka, Buddha, Christ, Lao Tzu, Tecumseh and any master of knowledge and wisdom.

References from my instructors and clients are available
Telephone 250-709-7923


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