You are not your thoughts and you are what you think

There is mind and thoughts.

There is body and form.

There is spirit and energy fields.

I can imagine a world without mind and thoughts (vegetative state, meditative state etc.).

I cannot imagine a world without forms or fields of energy.

If our thoughts are basically essences and labels of the world, and i can imagine a world without thoughts, then existence precedes all essences we label the world with.

If i am not my thoughts, then i am body and spirit (form and energy field) with a thought processor (mind) as a tool.

This thought processing tool operates in an energy field of infinite possibilities (God, creation, existence).

Thoughts are not us essentially, but can influence change at a cellular level (body/form) and at an energy level (spirit).

What we think radiates from both our bodies and energy fields.

Thoughts that are capable of transformation and influencing change at a physical (b0dy) or energetic (spirit) level are known as prayers or mantras.

If one repeats them once or many times, they can influence change at both micro and macro levels of existence.

Here is an example of a prayer/mantra that heals the body at a cellular level.

I am perfectly healthy.

I do not have any viruses, illnesses, diseases,

sicknesses, cancers or aids.


Here is an example of a Sikh prayer/mantra that connects the energy fields of the One to the many, and the many to the One…

Gubinde – O the Preserver Lord!
– O Salvation-Giver Lord!
Udaare – O Most Genereous Lord!
Apaare – O Boundless Lord!

Hariang – O Destroyer Lord!
Kariang – O the Creator Lord!
Nrinaame – O the Nameless Lord!
Akaame – O the Desireless Lord!

Snatam Kaur sings a beautiful version of this prayer on her childrens cd. It has become one of my favorite cd’s to listen to…

peace and love to all and may you build a healthy body and a healthy home!


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