The key to nutrient absorption and immunity

In short: wait until your first bowel movement before break-fast, eat more alkalizing foods, and eat a fermented food with each meal.

Here are the details:

Our g.i. tract needs a break! How many people take a day of rest every sunday any more? This not only had spiritual reasons but physical reasons. We used to fast once a week. Some cultures fast once a year with a big cleanse of mind, body and spirit. I grew up without either of these traditions and my gut started to reflect the neglect. Now i do a cleanse every spring and basically every night. When i wake up in the morning i wait for my first bowel movement before piling any food into the system. I used to wake up, eat breakfast and the force of new food onto yesterdays food caused my first bowel movement of the day. My gut basically had no time to be empty and have a break (hence the word break-fast).

Now that i wait for my first bowel movement and then drink healing teas, juices or broths (depending on the season) for a time after my first bowel movement, i find my body, mind and spirit to be much healthier. And, oddly enough, i have more energy.  I think my g.i. tract has had the time to cleanse which, in turn, increases its ability to absorb nutrients. I’m eating less, but absorbing more!

If you maintain good acidity levels in your stomach and eat beneficial bacteria (probiotics) with every meal, you will achieve the highest level of immunity possible. Most people have an imbalanced blood pH that the body is constantly taking alkalizing minerals from your body tissues and bone structure in order to keep the blood at its pH level. You can balance this by printing an acid/alakaline food chart and observing where you eat mostly.

The other key factor is to eat a probiotic (fermented food product) with every meal. All healthy cultures of the world eat a ferment with each meal (yogurt, kefir, miso, sauerkraut, kimchee, real olives etc.). Most peoples gut flora is higher in bad bacterias and yeasts than the beneficial bacterias of the normal gut flora. Ferments are the key to achieving this balance.

Here is a good article explaining it further….


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