Royal Society of Canada to review Safety Code 6 regarding increased standards set around world

It has just been publicly admitted by Health Canada’s that Canada has NO safety standards regarding the biological effects of Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) which come from cell phones, wi-fi transmitters, cordless phones, baby monitors etc.

Here is the official letter that was sent to all concerned citizens who have expressed concern with Health Canada’s lack of safety standards compared to other countries in the world, notably Austria and Switzerland who appear to be setting the standards for safety concerning the hazards of this modern invisible technology.

SC6_Response Letter

Here is a link to the latest of information on this new research coming to light on the biological effects (as opposed to thermal effects) of Radio Frequency Radiation.

Of note is the new research on pulsed radiation versus steady frequency radiation, and the concerns with young children who don’t have fully protective skulls developed to help shield from these new constant pulsed fields of radiation in their environment as well as the fact that children experience rapid cell renewal at a young age of development which also seems to have magnified consequences on such an organism.


I am a timber framer and natural builder that specializes in ecologically sensitive logging practice; on-site custom milling; passive solar and healthy house design with a focus on feng shui, vaastu, Japanese and European style. For the past six years I have trained and worked with some of the best in these fields and consider myself a journeyman apprentice towards mastering these skills. It is said that it takes a person around 10 years to master any skill if dedicated and disciplined. Thus far I have had glimpses at perfection and what beauty can be achieved with wood if properly respected. Whether you choose me or another to help you in the design and building process, here are some guidelines I have come to find helpful in achieving a strong and beautiful frame for your home. With a good hat and shoes (roof and foundation) a timber frame can last 100s of years. In some of the most earthquake prone parts of the world there are timber frames over 1000 years old! A good portion of europe has timber frames 600 years old. Our houses today last 50-70 years on average. This entropic state of industry has us retooling and evolving our skills to provide a more sustainable and aesthetically beautiful solution...

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