A Perspective of Healing

healing_hands this is a bit of stream of consciousness so please forgive any repetitiveness

this is intended to augment/contribute to the healing path of
anyone who wants to heal from mind or body dis-ease

in the words of Walt Whitman ‘discard whatever insults your own soul’

it is directed at lung dis-ease as it is a primary life focus of mine

however it is my firm belief that all dis-ease stems from an accumulation of mental and physical defilements
in other words, abuse your mental and physical faculties long enough and chronic dis-ease will manifest

i was diagnosed with severe asthma as a child and told there was no cure
at the age of 23 i took a yoga class at university in search of a “girl friend”

i didn’t even know what yoga was at the time
all i new is there were a lot of beautiful women going to this thing called yoga 🙂

anyways, i am so happy that i followed my animal instincts
for this little yoga teacher all but cured me of this so-called incurable disease
and set me on a path of still unfolding awareness of the mind/body phenomena

i have since learned that diet is also a major factor in lung dis-ease
the combination of pranayam (abdominal breathing), meditation (mindfulness) and diet have allowed me to live asthma free since 1993

please ask any questions if there is any confusion

from what i know of damage to the lung tissue
is only my own experience with my lungs
and with my practice of abdominal breathing (pranayam), meditation (vipassana), and diet

there is apparently scarring
and POTENTIALLY irreversible damage

personally, if any so called professional or doctor says to me “there is no cure” or “there is irreversible damage” or “there is no hope”
then they are basically saying, “i can’t help you any more” and i seek further council from other professionals and doctors
they are basically saying “I don’t have a cure for you”, “I don’t know how to reverse the damage to your cells”, and “I don’t have any hope”
(emphasis is on the “I“)
this is THEIR limited position….
very important to keep this in perspective
science, medicine and healing is forever evolving and rapidly changing at this point in time
integrative medicine, bio-photon and vibrational healing is where we are heading

two facts:
your are still able to breath somewhat
this somewhat/percentage is still keeping you alive
if you are still alive from this breath, then you have the ability to heal
or, at the very least,
extend what is left of this life in maximum comfort, peace and health

how much you are able to heal is yet to be determined
most adult humans breath with less than 50% of their lung capacity
this is not to say that their lungs are damaged beyond repair
this is to say that most adult humans do not move their diaphragm more than 50% of its designed distance (10cm)

only once you’ve learned how to move your diaphragm into the 5 to 10cm range will you then know how much you can heal

to do this:
one has to focus on his/her breath

as you increase your focus on your breath
you will learn to slow your breath, relax your breath,
expand your breath and deepen your breath

it is as much a physical exercise as it is a mental exercise
this is to be a daily practice/discipline (sadhana)
and, in this sense, become a  spiritual practice as well
(if you are an atheist you can call it a scientific practice)

it is to be done from a place of well being and happiness,
contributing to what is beautiful about life
one has to believe that he/she still has the ability to contribute to what is beautiful about life
and also the desire

this may be one of the last or only desires suitable to express
the desire to contribute to what is beautiful or meaningful about life
what is enriching life within yourself AND others
win/win or no deal as Stephen Covey and the Harvard Business School are now saying for all business contracts
and you can say this is a contract of the most serious business

this is not to be seen as a demand or a must do or a should do or a moral judgement
although it can be seen as a demand the healing mind cannot spare the energy to look at the world in terms of moralistic judgement
that is not the place of the healing mind any longer, leave that to the mind’s of ego’s and god’s
for me there is one natural law, and that law rewards and punishes moment to moment with or without our judgement
it is not for my mind to judge
easier said than done, but this is the work that now lay before the healing mind/body

if, and only if, we want to heal (as much as possible) from the suffering that is in our present moment be it mind or body,
then our energies are better focused away from the intellectual judgments of thought,
and into other parts of the body understanding,
in my case i choose to focus on my lungs and my heart

we can understand this with the thought forms of feelings and needs
we can also understand this without the thought forms or beyond the thought forms of feelings and needs
it is to be from a feeling of surrender to what is life without judgement or beyond it or besides it
what would a life look like without labeling what was a past memory as something as good or bad?

what is a present thought,
an observation of the present moment,
of the current breath,
of the stream of endless thoughts
without label or judgement?

it has now become a thought without identifying with it
without labeling and owning it

the observation of thought is there
the association of feelings and needs are there
but the mind is still and not pulled in a direction of good or bad, positive or negative
this is a calmness and stillness of mind that facilitates healing, peace and harmony within the person
this is one of the pillars of enlightenment as put forth by all the Buddha’s (enlightened one’s)
if one can strengthen the mind enough to remain in this neutral-mind (empty bowl),
then one will attain a Supreme State of Sublime Peace (nirvana)
it is just that simple
there is no mystery to it
the purity of science and logic is there
discipline is necessary
that is the difficult part
however, when one is sick or dis-eased, suffering is unbearable, then many are willing to give it a try

one’s energy, once focused on the endless stream of thoughts,
is now focused on the breath at the point of the nostrils
both the inhale and the exhale
and neutrally focused on the thoughts of the mind or a particular part of the body
such as the hands, the lungs, the nostrils,
or on all parts of the body
in one of a multitude of orders

this is meditation and the learning and style one adopts is their own personal choice

to heal there are many types of breath

two of my favorites are pranayam and anapana



pranayam is simply observing the breath coming in through the nostrils
making a mental note of how many counts it takes
observing the breath going out
making a mental note of how many counts it takes

here is the key to great health and change in a person:
if the observer/meditator makes their exhale longer than their inhale,
then the body automatically shifts from adrenal based nervous system
to choline based nervous system
this is free medicine!
my science might be a bit off here
there are many studies from China on this
NIMH from USA gave $10 million to Penn State University
to go to China to find out why Qi Gong was putting so many terminal cancer patients into remission
the results of these studies will inform you more on the science if you are interested

the essence is our bodies somehow shift into a healing mode
if, and only if, our exhales are longer than our inhales

in perfect pranayam
our exhales will be TWICE as long as our inhales
this is the goal but do not be discouraged if it is not possible at first
to make the exhale only one count longer than the inhale is sufficient

while the pranayam is being practiced
all mental chatter is to be observed with a neutral mind
no judgements, no labels
a sense of calmness
saying yes to the present moment

here is a good link i found that may help you understand this better
(from the american medical student association)


autonomic-nervous-system agmatic-breathing-exercises-technique-benefits-instructions-definition-abdominal-rib-cage-muscles-workouts-health-fitness-tips-facts-healthy-lifestyle norminhale abdominal-breathing



anapana is simply observing the breath coming in through the nostrils and going out through the nostrils

Webu Sayadaw, modern arahant who lived in the jungles of Burma once said, if you can keep your attention at the base of the nostrils for 24 hours, then you’ve done it! That’s it, you are enlightened.

Again easier said than done. Just go to a meditation retreat and see how the monkey mind plays games in a matter of seconds. LOL

Anapana meditation is very simple yet very powerful if practiced diligently.

Like my teacher S.N. Goenka says ‘continuity is the secret to success.’

For people wanting to heal on their own i recommend sticking with Pranayam breathing and mindfulness.

For people feeling drawn to anapana, i recommend taking a 10 day meditation retreat with a Vipassana center (http://www.dhamma.org/).
There is no charge for your attending a retreat, only 10 valuable days of your invaluable life 🙂


key points:
exercise the lymph “heart” with pranayam
and by sweeping the body with a stiff bristled brush of natural bristles
before bathing sweep the skin towards the heart
this helps sweep the lymph/toxins that get trapped/stagnate under the skin

drink warm water in the am
no caffeine
water without chlorine or fluoride is best, any water will do if there is no other water available
do not eat before having a bowel movement in the morning
this may take a few days to get this balance back
yoga exercises, squats, qi gong, walking can help stimulate this first bowel movement of the morning
this is important to help decongest the body
the lungs are easier to heal and breath when congestion of bowels and lymph and blood are addressed

print off a list of alkaline and acid foods
eat primarily from the alkaline side of the list
see how one feels when doing this
when the blood is more acidic than alkaline then the body cannot heal

print off a list of warming and cooling foods according to ayurveda or chinese medicine
observe which foods make breathing easier or worse during the day

meditation/mindfulness is key
if the mind is agitated or imbalanced then the breath cannot be calm
the calmer the breath the easier it will be to maximize oxygen intake with damaged lung

balance the hemispheres of the brain
yoga or qi gong do this
if yoga or qi gong are a stretch for you at this point (no pun intended), then
google super brain yoga
and watch the youtube video

two more things that i should ad to this path to healing

cleansing the blood is key

the  “essene” tincture by Caisse contains
two of the three major blood cleansing herbs are in this mixture (burdock and sorrel)
this mixture has cured the most deadliest of cancers in many people
they have isolated a compound in red clover blossoms that dissolve/dismantle the part of the cancer tumor that feeds off of the host
essentially red clover starves the tumor

here is a link to blood cleansing herbs


there is also very good insight into most, if not all, disease stemming from fungal infection in body
which eventually pollutes the blood (again blood health is key)
the herb pau d’arco has had amazing results with people of all disease
it is easy to purchase and try from most health food stores and herbal dispensaries
here is a link to the herb


if you are on any pharmaceutical drugs, it is wise to research any contraindications of the drug with any herbs being used
i would not trust a western doctors advice completely…most doctors knowledge is limited….always get a second opinion…
i would also seek the council of a reputable naturopath (just as there are ignorant allopathic doctors, there are ignorant naturopathic doctors)
the common denominator is humans can and will be ignorant 🙂
dr. matsen in north vancouver is one of the world’s best naturopaths
i respect his opinion

do your research and don’t put your life in the hands of anyone else
blessings to all



I am a timber framer and natural builder that specializes in ecologically sensitive logging practice; on-site custom milling; passive solar and healthy house design with a focus on feng shui, vaastu, Japanese and European style. For the past six years I have trained and worked with some of the best in these fields and consider myself a journeyman apprentice towards mastering these skills. It is said that it takes a person around 10 years to master any skill if dedicated and disciplined. Thus far I have had glimpses at perfection and what beauty can be achieved with wood if properly respected. Whether you choose me or another to help you in the design and building process, here are some guidelines I have come to find helpful in achieving a strong and beautiful frame for your home. With a good hat and shoes (roof and foundation) a timber frame can last 100s of years. In some of the most earthquake prone parts of the world there are timber frames over 1000 years old! A good portion of europe has timber frames 600 years old. Our houses today last 50-70 years on average. This entropic state of industry has us retooling and evolving our skills to provide a more sustainable and aesthetically beautiful solution...

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